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Kaskade Zwo

by spurkopf

Submitted by spurkopf on 2018-10-14 20:32 UTC

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Frequenz moduliert

Production details:

Daw: Tracktion Waveform (1) Plugins : Synth: Dexed (21), mda DX10 (1) Reverb: Mverb (5), TAL-Reverb2 (1) Delay: TAL-Dub3 (6) Compressor: lsp-plugins-vst-dyna-processor-ms (1), lsp-plugins-vst-compressor-stereo (1), Tracktion Mastermix (built-in, 1) Filter: mcfx filter2 (10) FX: Chorus (built in,1) Analyser: EasySSP (1) Tagging: Kid3

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