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Blu Ridge

by Cullen Davis

Submitted by cullenspub on 2018-10-09 01:46 UTC

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Inspired by a hike in the Blue Ridge mountains, this is an ambient piece that tries to highlight the dynamic ranges and sonic blending that FM synthesis can provide.

Production details:

  • Ardour v5.12 - synth host, plugin host, sequencer, audio mix down
  • QMidiArp 0.6.5 - sequencer and LFO
  • Dexed (2 Instances)
  • Hexter (3 instances)
  • DX10 (1 instance)
  • 6PM (1 instance)
  • JuceOPLVSTi (1 instance)
  • Calf Equilizer by Calf Studio Gear
  • Calf Compressor by Calf Studio Gear
  • Calf Sidechain Compressor by Calf Studio Gear
  • Calf Vintage Delay by Calf Studio Gear
  • a-Reverb by the Ardour Team
  • a-EQ by the Ardour Team
  • a-Midi Monitor by the Ardour Team
  • Phaser1 with LFO by Fons Adriensen
  • GLAME Butterworth Highpass by Alexander Ehlert
  • GLAME Butterworth Lowpass by Alexander Ehlert

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