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by Lilith 93

Submitted by lilith93 on 2018-10-14 13:02 UTC

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The Open Source Music FM Synthesizer Challenge was a good chance to make myself familiar with FM synthesis, but there's still a lot to learn. Definitely will use OXE FM and DEXED more in the future. I would consider the style of the track as Electro / Ambient / Chill-out music. The scale I used is C minor.

Production details:

The track was sequenced in Linux REAPER. Synth used are 14 instances of OXE FM Synth, 4 instances of DEXED and 1 instance of the MDA DX10 synth. As reverbs were used MVerb , Shiro verb (DISTRHO) and the basic REAPER reverb to glue the instruments. Other plugins have been: REAPER Multiband Compressor, REAPER EQ, REAPER Limiter, REAPER Delay, Zynchorus, Rezfilter (MDA), Overdrive (MDA), Luftikus EQ.

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