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Where Your Feet Could Never Take You

by Carl Georg Biermann

Submitted by carl_ on 2018-10-07 15:15 UTC

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This is a mellow piece of music, basically a DX piano line accompanied by other instruments. I haven't used FM synths for long enough to get sick of the DX piano sounds - probably one of those sounds that just work forever :)
I used Dexed mainly because of its presets - they are awesome starting points!
I used OXE FM mainly because of its more flexible architecture and ease of workflow.

Production details:

The piece has been produced in Ableton Live 10 using 23 instances of OXE FM and 5 instances of Dexed. The audio FX are Live's internal ones, except the reverb, namely 23 x EQ Eight, 5 x Compressor, 4 x Freeverb ProG, 2 x Simple Delay and 1 x Ping Pong Delay.
My presets are available here. Notice that EQing and layering may be necessary to make them sound like in the song. I am happy to share any how-to if you are interested. (Contact e.g. on SoundCloud here)

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