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WHH GT 18 21 Die Frequenzbauliche Dominante

by ] Peter:H [

Submitted by ] Peter:H [ on 2018-10-10 19:49 UTC

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A rather moody, trap oriented slow track. Takes you on a ride thru (former) eastern berlin and on an architectural tour into the DDR.

Production details:

DAW Bitwig: EQ-5, Dynamics, Delay-2, Reverb, PeakLimiter, Compressor, Parseq-8

Synths: OXE, Dexed, JuceOPL

mda ( Stereo, Ambience, BandDisto, DubDelay, Transient, Splitter

Venn Audio ( Utility

ndc Plugins ( Tempo Sync Reverser

Audacity: FLAC Conversion

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