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End of the Desert

by J.Ruegg

Submitted by J.Ruegg on 2018-10-14 22:23 UTC

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I like challenges, and love synthesis, so , this contest was perfect for me :)

I have been having some rough times these months, and didn't had my computer with me this month, so I borrowed my dad's laptop to enter, I couldn't use ubuntu on it, and had lot's of problems. So I ended up using Ableton Live Trial (fully functional for a month) in windows, and relying on the build-in Effects (which are pretty good).

The only FOSS software used would be the synths (JuceOPL, Dexed & OxeFM)... which maybe isn't completely in the spirit of the contest, but I tried my best :) Enjoy!.

Project files here :

Production details:


  • Ableton Live 10 Trial

Synth Instances

  • 22 x JuceOPL
  • 53 x OxeFM
  • 32 x Dexed

Daw native FXs

  • EQ8
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Compressor
  • GlueCompressor
  • Utility (pan/gain)
  • MultibandDynamics (Multiband Compressor)

External FXs


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