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Blue Star

by Lorenzo Sutton

Submitted by lorenzosu on 2018-10-14 21:56 UTC

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Blue Star

The beginning of a recondite voyage to find the remote and rare Blue Star.

An atmospheric scifi-inspired synth track with classic FM sounds.

Production details:

FM Synths

  • Dexed (by Pascal Gauthier et al.)
  • Hexter (by Sean Bolton)
  • Oxe FM Synth (by Oxesoft - Daniel Moura)

Sequencing and DAW

Utility / Rack

  • Carla (falkTX - to use Hexter in Ardour)


  • Calf Vintage Delay (Calf Studio Gear)
  • Stereo Reverb (Fons Adriaensen)
  • GxChorus Stereo (Guitarix Team)
  • a-Amplifier (Ardour Team)
  • guitarix_distortion (brummer)
  • GxFlanger (Gitarix Team)
  • Glame Lowpass Filter (Alexander Ehlert)

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