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Westhoven by Georg Berger

by Georg Berger

Submitted by OSAMC-Georg on 2018-10-13 09:50 UTC

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A little piece of Dark Pop, (nearly) entirely made with Open Source Software; the only Synth that was used was the Dexed virtual Instrument by Digital Suburbian.

Production details:

DAWs: Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 (used for MIDI Composition), Ardour 4 (used for mixing, editing, mastering)
Synth: Dexed by Digital Suburbian
Effect-Plug-ins: Calf Mono Compressor, Calf Reverb, Calf Limiter, EQ4Q Mono (Pere Rafols Soleri), drowAudio: Flanger, Tal-Filter 2, Tal-Reverb-II, Tal-Reverb-III, foldover Distortion (Steve Harris), Invada Compressor, mda Dub Delay, reverb by David Robillard, LSP Parametric Equalizer x16, mda Dither

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