We are very happy to announce, that we have a very desirable and valuable hardware prize waiting for the winners of the competition!

The winners of the first, second and third prize will be announced at the Sonoj Convention and their fame and glory spread over the internets.

First Prize

One MOD Duo from MOD Devices

The MOD Duo is a multi-effect, simulator, synth and midi station all-in-one in a compact guitar pedal-style unit, capable of running hundreds of plug-ins that can be patched in a modular style to create an endless array of sounds.

MOD Duo Top View

The MOD Duo is sponsored by MOD Devices, a Berlin-based company and creator of the MOD technology.

The unit will be shipped to the winner for free within Europe.

Second and Third Prize

The second and third entry will each get one license for the Cadmium software synthesizer by LHI Audio. The synthesizer is available in VST format (AU and LV2 coming soon), runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS and the license comes in form of a non-personalized voucher (so - should you use only Open Source software - it can be given away to somebody else).

Prize Draft for Voters

One license for Cadmium will be given away to a voter in the competition selected by draft. The draft will be also held at the Sonoj Convention. Winners of the first to third place are excluded from the draft. To be able to claim your prize, you must give a valid email address when registering to vote.

About the MOD Duo

The MOD Duo is a standalone multi-effects, simulator, synth and MIDI station that can be patched in a modular style to create an endless array of sounds.

  • For every musician, infinite setups inside

  • From the legendary classics to mind-blowing innovations, the MOD Duo features hundreds of effects, simulations, synths, sequencers, loopers and MIDI utilities in one single stomp-box.

  • Standalone, with high resolution-audio and ready to stage

  • Hybrid and flexible as never seen before

  • Featuring Audio, MIDI and USB inputs/outputs and three different pre-amps that offer maximum flexibility. The MOD Duo controls and parameters are fully configurable to your needs.

  • Ever-growing and ever-evolving

  • More than four-hundred plug-ins available

  • Anyone can develop it’s own plug-ins.

  • Max/MSP integration

  • Lively community sharing it’s creations.

For more information about the product, please see the MOD Duo pages.

About MOD Devices and the MOD Labs

Growing from a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 for the original MOD Duo, MOD Devices is now a company based in Berlin, Germany and has assembled an experienced and talented international team. In 2018 they launched their Commercial Plugin Shop, opened the MOD Labs, and introduced two new products: the MOD Footswitch and the MOD Duo X, due later on this year.

If you want to know more about the company, you might want to visit their blog.

MOD Labs

The MOD Labs house open-source plugin development, Arduino-based hardware creation and a beta tester program. The Labs program provides an environment for software and hardware development and experimentation. The MOD Labs also offer an invite-only area for certified community members to develop and test new ideas to be turned into actual products.

To join the MOD Labs, please visit the MOD Labs page.